Green Rug Cleaning Valley Village: We Make Your Rugs Brighter

Rugs are proud possessions and to maintain their intrinsic glory it is important to get them professionally cleaned. Call our Green rug cleaning service in Valley Village to preserve the bright color and soft texture of your rug and make it hygienically cleaned.

Green Rug Cleaning Valley Village: Why Green Rug Cleaning is Important

Did you know that rugs can hold dust and dirt that is equivalent to eight times its weight? Even after vacuuming, it can still harbour dust mites, chemical residues from cleaning agents, dirt, grease, as well as countless microbes and bacteria. Even if you regularly clean your rug with shampoos and other detergents, these contain everything from ammonium hydroxide to carcinogens which can slowly but gradually affect the health of your family, even your pets. Not to mention the environmental damage that these chemical-based cleaning agents cause.

That is not to say that rugs should be avoided. There is nothing like rugs to lend an old world charm and warm, hospitable vibe to a home. The more expensive the rug, the more important it is to maintain their beauty and durability. Rugs have delicate fiber structures that can easily get frayed and come undone if washed with strong chemical-based solutions. Many rug manufacturing companies also do not validate the warranty, even within the warranty period, if the rug has been cleaned using home-based methods. That is why residents in Valley Village only trust our Green rug cleaning service for the gentle maintenance of their precious rug.

Green Steam Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Valley Village

Green Rug Cleaning Valley Village: Why Professional Rug Cleaning is Important

Our Green rug cleaning solutions use only 100% chemical free, organic ingredients. This is a specially formulated product that has won the seal of approval from the DFE and certification from the EPA, making them safe for the environment as well as for your children and pets. Our proprietary solutions are definitely gentle and safe on your rugs too!

Green Rug Cleaning Valley Village: Benefits We Offer

Our Green rug cleaning service in Valley Village ensures that the fabric of your rug remains unscathed while still retaining and even brightening the colours of the rug. The durability of your rugs is ensured with the gentle yet powerful cleaning action of our green rug cleaners. You can rest assured that all spots, stains, and marks are removed completely from your rugs, leaving them spotlessly clean. If you have pets, then you are also sure to have pet hairs, pet odors, and pet stains on your rugs. Our green area rug cleaning services eliminate all pet hairs, pet odors, and pet stains from your rugs, taking care not to leave behind any residues at all. Our green rug cleaners do not have any chemicals in them, so your children and pets can play to their hearts content on your rugs without your having to worry about any toxic residues left behind after cleaning.

Green Rug Cleaning Valley Village: Our Distinguishing Feature

We assure you a 45-minute response time from the time of your call, which means you get same day service for your rugs. Our unique rug cleaning methods and equipment ensure that your rug is cleaned and dried and ready for use within hours of our green cleaning. We also work after hours so you can call us without having to worry about taking a day off from work just for this purpose.

Our Green rug cleaning team in Valley Village is highly trained and committed to offer best possible service to get your rugs looking as good as new. Our equipment is as modern as they come and ensure that your rugs are safe and clean. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we take your rugs into our capable hands. Call us today and give your rugs a bright new life with our green rug cleaning service.

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