Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village: Ensuring Healthy Air for Your Family

Our Green air duct cleaning in Valley Village is committed to ensure clean and safe environment in your home so you and your loved ones can breathe safely!

While you do not have much control over the purity or quality of air that you breathe outside your home, but you can definitely control the quality of air that circulates inside your home. Most people think that just by installing a good HVAC system, there is nothing to worry about every again. But the fact is not getting regular HVAC cleaning can lead to the system getting clogged with all kinds of dust and dirt particles, not to mention other pollutants that are found freely in the air outside.

Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village: Why Professional Air Duct Cleaning is Important

The pollution levels in Valley Village are increasing year by year. Installing an HVAC system is one way to counteract this, but getting them cleaned and maintained regularly is important. Did you know children are more susceptible to diseases caused by air pollution? Because of their shorter heights, they are closer to the ground, making them come more into contact with pollutants there. Since their immune systems are only developing, they are also more likely to have breathing problems such as asthma and flu, cold, cough, etc., all of which can be traced back to pollution in many ways. If there are any bacteria or fungi in the air duct systems (accumulated due to infrequent or improper cleaning) allergies can develop. Dirt and dust is what cause most of the HVAC systems to fail. This will not happen if you entrust your air duct cleaning to our Green air duct cleaning crew in Valley Village.

Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village: Why Choose Us?

Did you know that cleaning your air ducts using commercially available duct cleaners can result in chemical residues in your HVAC system which can be more dangerous than the actual pollutants? This is why, at Green air duct cleaning in Valley Village, we use only specially formulated organic cleaning solutions that we have developed ourselves. This has the prestigious seal from the DFE as well as the renowned certificate from the EPA. So, you get clean air flowing through your HVAC system without being masked by chemical substances.

Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village

Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village: Distinguishing Features of Our Service

We know that each minute of your time is precious, and that every minute spent breathing polluted air can result in grave health problems not just for yourself, but for your family, especially children and pets. That is why we have a 45-minute response guarantee, which means you will get our team at your doorstep within an hour of your call. We also offer after-hour services so that you can get your air ducts cleaned at a time that is convenient for you. Our team of skilled and trained air duct cleaning professionals use state-of-the-art equipment that is guaranteed to do a thorough cleaning of all the components of your HVAC system while also ensuring that their durability is maintained.

Advantages of Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

By getting your air ducts cleaned regularly the potential health risks are decreased as all the accumulated dirt, dust, microbes, bacteria, and other pollutants which have collected in the HVAC system is eliminated. Besides, you will also see a significant reduction in your energy bills as the system works more efficiently. It also leads to a longer span of life for the HVAC system.

When Should Cleaning of Air Ducts Be Undertaken?

It is a good idea to call our Green air duct cleaning crew in Valley Village for cleaner air ducts at least once a year if any of your family member smokes, there are pets that can shed hair or dander or if anyone is suffering from asthma or allergies. It is also important to call professional air duct cleaning after a home remodelling or renovation project, and also just before occupying a new home.

So, if want to purify the quality of your indoor air, call our Green air duct cleaning crew in Valley Village today. We ensure a fresh breath of life for you and your loved ones.

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