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Want to make your home look clean and lovely? Well, just give a call to Green Steam Carpet Cleaning, Valley Village. We are a preferred home cleaning service provider in the town and offer comprehensive cleaning services at the most affordable rates.

Carpet Cleaning Valley Village is the best professional cleaning service you can ask for. Our staff is highly trained in their jobs of cleaning and also very pleasant to interact with. You can count on us to clean your home or office effectively yet gently. You can relax while we do our best to clean your home.

Domestic cleaning routines, such as mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, etc. are of course necessary but it is also important to schedule periodic professional cleaning to get rid of dust and stains that settle deep down in your carpets, rugs, tiles and flooring. But instead of choosing chemical cleaning why not opt for chemical-free organic cleaning for your home or office? So, choose to call our delightful and highly convenient Green Steam Carpet Cleaning, Valley Village and make a difference to your home and environment.

What are the Distinguishing Features of Green Steam Carpet Cleaning Valley Village?

  • No matter which service you choose to entrust us with, we use only our specially formulated and exclusively manufactured-for-us organic cleaning products. These have been certified by the EPA and have won the prestigious DFE (Designed for the Environment) seal. This ensures that our products are environmentally friendly and will not pollute the ground waters with toxic chemicals.
  • We undertake both residential and commercial projects. In fact, no project is too big or too small for us. Whether you have just one room to be cleaned or an entire building to be cleaned; one rug to be cleaned or hundreds of carpets to be cleaned, we are only too happy to undertake the project.
  • Our green cleaning products are completely safe for cleaning carpets and furniture which children and pets regularly use. There are no chemical residues left behind which can cause allergies, asthma, or other illnesses in adults or children or pets.
  • We have emergency cleaning services, so you no longer have to run into a panic when you have guests coming over at short noticed and you are embarrassed by the stains on your couch or the pet odor in your home. Just call us and we will get transform your home into one that you can proudly show off within a very short time.
  • We reach your location within 45 minutes of your call that we get, no matter where in Valley Village you may be located. This means that you get same days services, which helps you to save considerable time.
  • We also work after hours, so you don’t have to waste your working day waiting for us to clean your home as we can get it cleaned for you after you come home from work as well.
  • We work 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you can call us on any day or time that is most convenient for you.

Cleaning Services Valley Village

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Services Offered by Green Steam Carpet Cleaning Valley Village

We have a range of services that cover every inch of your home and office. Here is the gist of services that we are happy to provide:

Green Carpet Cleaning Valley Village

Green Steam Carpet Cleaning Valley Village

We use special organic cleaners, which are our proprietary product, to sanitize your carpets. These are powerful solutions that eliminate all microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs, etc., from your carpets while being absolutely gentle on the carpet fibre. Our special organic carpet cleaning solutions do not leave behind any chemical residues, so you can allow your children or pets to play on your carpets without worrying about exposing them to toxic chemicals. Our specially formulated organic carpet cleaning solutions when used with hot water cleaning methods remove even the most stubborn stain from your carpet. The use of instant drying methods ensures your carpet is ready to use in no time!

Green Upholstery Cleaning Valley Village

Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals work with state-of-the art equipment and organic upholstery cleaning solutions to give your upholstery a clean and fresh appearance. Our gentle cleaning helps remove toughest of stains from your sofa, couches, loveseats and arm chairs upholstered with leather, fabric or synthetic material. Our green cleaning also does not leave any chemical residue behind and is therefore absolutely safe for your pets and kids. So you don’t have to think of changing your upholstery or buying new furniture when all you have to do is call our organic upholstery cleaning service for a deep and thorough cleaning.

Green Tile and Grout Cleaning Valley Village

Tile and Grout Cleaning Valley Village

Homeowners struggle with stained and discoloured tiles and grout. The stains keep returning no matter how efficiently you have cleaned them. Our professional organic tile and grout cleaning services in Valley Village ensure that the tiles and grout become spotlessly clean, free of all grease, dirt, and dust, and remain that way for a long time to come. Our efficient cleaning removes dirt that lay hidden in the microscopic pores and thus prevent formation of mold and mildew. As we only use organic cleaning solutions you can be sure that are cleaning is absolutely safe for your pets and kids.

Rug Cleaning Valley Village

Your rug will give your home an elegant look. However, Oriental area rugs are just like carpets. They too attract dirt and dust that can cause your allergies to flare up. Thankfully, you can always turn to Green Carpet Cleaning for Oriental area rug green rug cleaning services.

We have formulated green cleaners that are especially suited for rugs. These cleaners penetrate deep into the fibers and extract hidden dirt and grime without damaging the fibers or affecting the dyes. When our cleaning crew finishes the rug cleaning, you will notice your rug looking vibrant, refreshed and clean. It will be a pleasure to proudly display the rug in your home.

Green Hardwood Floor Cleaning Valley Village

Hardwood floors remain ever popular because of their sophistication and elegance in spite of being notoriously difficult to clean. Dirt, dust, and grease can get lodged in between the tiles and scuff marks and dust can settle on the top in spite of frequent mopping or vacuuming. Cleaning with commercially available equipment or detergents can result in scratches and other marks on the floor which can be unpleasant to see.

You can avoid all these problems by entrusting your precious hardwood floors to our Green hardwood floor cleaning crew in Valley Village. Our team of professionals are trained and skilled at cleaning hardwood floors meticulously but gently using our special organic cleaners which leave your floors spotlessly clean, with absolutely no chemical residues behind. A protective sealant is also applied which maintains the flawlessness of your hardwood floors for a long time to come. Whether you have just one room in the house with hardwood floors installed or your entire home has hardwood floors, we are only happy to take care of them for you.

Green Pet Stain and Odor Removal Valley Village

Pet Stain and Odor Removal Valley Village

Every family that has a pet knows how blessed they are with the love and affection that is so lavishly given to them by their beloved pets, and yet they cannot escape the fact that there will be pet stains and pet odors all through their home. You don’t have to deprive your pets of the joys of curling up on your sofa or couch or sleeping on your precious oriental area rug. All you have to do is call our Green pet stain and odor removal service in Valley Village. We will ensure that each and every pet stain and all pet odors are eliminated completely from your carpets, rugs, upholstery and tiles. When you call us, you need not worry about the well being of your pets as our organic cleaning methods leave no chemical residues behind!

Green Water Damage Restoration Valley Village

Water damage due to floods, rainwater, or plumbing leaks can wreak havoc on your precious home and belongings. Time is of the essence in situations like this. Our emergency water damage restoration in Valley Village swing in action as soon as we get your call. We start with basement water removal then move onto water extraction in all the rooms of your home, and go on to drying flooded carpet, upholstery, furniture and furnishings. We work with your insurance company to ensure that you get maximum insurance coverage for your expenses which can help alleviate many of your financial worries. Just leave your home in our trusted hands and we will ensure that there is no possibility of any moisture, mold, or any contaminants left in your home that could endanger the health of your loved ones and you. Our green cleaning methods are the best and most effective solution for all your water damage restoration needs in Valley Village.

Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village

Green Air Duct Cleaning Valley Village

Air ducts help circulate fresh and clean air through your home. They filter out millions of pollutants, microbes, germs, bacteria, etc., from your home, ensuring your home is a safe haven for your loved ones and you. But what happens if your HVAC system is itself circulating polluted air into your home? The health of your loved ones is in danger. This could happen if the air ducts have not been properly or frequently cleaned and if there are any chemical residues left behind by previous cleaning. With our organic air duct cleaners, we ensure that each and every component of your air ducts are free from all pollutants and contaminants. You won’t have to fear any chemical residues that will circulate back into the air you breathe as our air duct cleaning formulations are all completely organic. Give your family and pets the gift of clean and fresh air by calling our Green air duct cleaning service in Valley Village today.

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